Morse Code On-Air Events

Here are a few CW (Morse Code) on-air events to look forward to.

Maritime Radio Day

This CW-only event is held annually on the anniversary of the Titanic disaster, from 14 April 1200 UTC to 15 April 2200 UTC.

Sangster Shield

This annual contest is for low-power (5 watt) CW stations on 80 metres, and has been running since 1927! It is held on the Saturday and Sunday evenings of the 3rd full weekend in May.

Straight Key Night cartoon logoNZ Straight Key Night

Held on the second Sunday evening in June and the first Sunday evening in December, SKN honours the roots of amateur radio with an hour of brass-pounding fun. No bugs, sideswipers, keyers or keyboards, it’s pure straight key magic.

Bug Roundup (USA)

Held in mid-November on all HF bands, Bug Roundup encourages simple, conversational QSOs using semi-automatic keys only. Organised by the Samuel F Morse Amateur Radio Club (Sacramento, CA).

Straight Key Night (USA)

Actually a 24-hour event, the ARRL’s Straight Key Night is held on 1 January every year, using all HF bands.

Straight Key Century Club events

New Zealand Net

9pm NZT Monday-Friday on 3535.0 kHz