NZ Net News 134, 8 Jun 2024

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Featured key

Heathkit HD-1410 electronic keyer

The Heathkit HD-1410 electronic keyer was a popular addition to the famous Heathkit SB line of equipment in the 1970s.

This iambic keyer, with built-in paddles, has a speed range of 10-60wpm and operates from 115V AC, 240V AC or 12V DC. The sidetone frequency is adjustable. There is an internal speaker and a rear-panel headphone jack, and receiver audio can be fed to the speaker or headphones via a rear-panel jack.

Heathkit very thoughtfully provided a rear-panel connection for an external straight key or bug, so this unit would also make an excellent code practice oscillator while you saved up for the rest of your SB Line station. 🙂

* If you have an interesting key for this feature, please send a nice clear photo and a few words describing it.

Quick notes

Funny photo of battery handle made of metal which clamps to the battery terminals and would short the batteryGreg ZL4GW has qualified as a Participating Member of NZ Net, completing a minimum of 25 check-ins. Congratulations Greg!

Dunedin dominant. In the first decades of the 20th Century, Otago province, and Dunedin in particular, played host to a number of achievements that advanced the science of radio. And today, we have Dunedin dominating our membership list, with three Participating Members of NZ Net: ZL4GW, ZL4KX and ZL4DY.

Speaking of amateur radio achievements, I will be giving a talk on that topic to an Auckland historical group in about a week. I am looking for examples of how NZ radio amateurs have helped develop new technologies or have provided public service – particularly in the 21st Century. If you know of any interesting examples, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

Test runs underway. Until the end of this month, we’re running 15wpm sessions of NZ Net at 8.30pm Monday and Thursday on 3535.0 kHz. On weekends, we have sessions at regular speed at 9.00pm on 7035 kHz. For details, see NZ Net News 133.

The VKCW Net would love to have you check in each Wednesday at 0603Z on 14.049 MHz. The net has a new webpage too.

Straight Key Night is this Sunday, from 8pm to 9pm on 80 metres. Get details.

Photo flashback

Radio amateur Herbert Hoover Jr, in his radio shack at Washington DC, 1923

Radio amateur Herbert Hoover Jr, photographed in his radio shack at Washington DC in 1923. His father would serve as US President 1929-1933.

Net numbers

Graph of monthly NZ Net stats to May 2024

(Does not include 8.30pm 15wpm sessions)

NR31 R ZL1NZ 53/50 AUCKLAND 0900Z 2JUN24
ZL1ANY 12 ZL1AYN 16 ZL1AZ 3 ZL1GQ 1 ZL1HX 1 
ZL1NZ 22 ZL1PX 15 ZL2GD 13 ZL2GVA 17 ZL2KE 13 
ZL2LN 6 ZL2TE 13 ZL3TK 12 ZL4AYN 1 ZL4BDG 3 
ZL4GW 4 ZL4KX 18 ZL4LDY 18 TOTAL 232 QTC 36

Poetry corner

He who with faultless Morse, impatiently,
Has oft un-nerved the bloke who’s QSD,
May reap the hasty harvest he has sown,
By having nervous trouble with his own.

– ‘Awarua’
(NZ Post Office Radio Information Bulletin 3, Apr 1959)

Morse challenge

After listening to the following recording, please tell me:
a) the callsign of the station
b) the description of the information it is about to transmit

Please send your answer via radiogram or email to ZL1NZ.

Answer to previous Morse Challenge
The message from Tony IK0PHU said “Telegraphy fascinates and unites us.” Correct answers were received from G5VA, VK3DRQ, ZL1ANY and ZL1MRT.

Video: Heathkit HD-1410 electronic keyer

Advertising archive

1935 advertisement for RCA amateur radio valves



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Neil Sanderson ZL1NZ, Net Manager
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