ZL1NZ’s other amateur radio stations

Neil Sanderson ZL1NZ VE3NGS2010: VE3NGS Toronto

  • Collins KWM-2 CW/SSB transceiver and 516F-2 power supply
  • Collins 30L-1 linear amplifier
  • Johnson Viking Match Box antenna coupler
  • Heathkit SB-610 monitor scope
  • Heathkit HM-2140 SWR/Watt meter
  • Shure 444 and Astatic D104 microphones
  • Racal RA-17 C3 Mk II general coverage receiver
  • Hallicrafters SX-42 general coverage receiver
  • Hallicrafters SC-40B general coverage receiver
  • Random wire antenna

VE7XU antenna1983: VE7XU VancouverVE7XU

  • Drake TR4 CW/SSB transceiver
  • Heathkit HX-20 SSB transmitter
  • Heathkit HR-20 receiver
  • 3-element 20m yagi antenna

1981: VE4DQ/MM

  • 2x Yaesu FT-101ZD MkII CW/SSB transceivers
  • Dentron MLA-2500B kilowatt amplifier
  • 2x Collins R-390A general coverage receivers
  • Dipole and inverted vee antennas

1977: VE4DQ Winnipeg

  • Heathkit HX-20 SSB transmitter
  • Heathkit HR-20 receiver
  • Dipole antennas

Amateur radio station VE3GEI Toronto 19731970: VE3GEI Toronto

  • Johnson Viking II CW/AM transmitter & Model 122 VFO
  • National NC-2-40D general coverage receiver (PTT/QSK with Viking II)
  • Heathkit HR-10 receiver
  • Geloso 2m convertor (slope detection of 2m FM using 10m band on the HR-10)
  • Dipole, folded dipole and inverted vee antennas

VE3OSC at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto

Current station: ZL1NZ