H Night on 80 metre AM

After searching online and not finding any information about H Night, I decided to post this information so that it is available to everyone.

H Night is the annual event to mark the return of New Zealand radio amateurs to the airwaves following World War 2. Contacts must be made using true AM (carrier and two sidebands) on 80 metres. It is run by the Society for the Preservation of Amplitude Modulation (SPAM).

New for 2016 is the SWL category.


Band: 80 metres
Mode: Amplitude Modulation phone only, that is a carrier and two sidebands
Time: 7.30 to 10PM, in 5 half-hour periods

Work individual stations once in each period, unless they are able to change radios and operate in another category, eg. use a ZC1 for 15 minutes then change to a modern radio for 15 minutes.

Transmitting Categories

    Vintage: radios of all valves, WW2 or earlier
    Hybrid: Radios with valves, at least in the finals stage
    Modern: solid state, DSP, etc.
    SDR: Radios that are fully software defined, Flex, KX3, etc.
    Home Brew: where Tx, Rx or both have been fabricated in the home workshop
    QRP: less than 5 watts carrier power


Signal report and type of equipment you use, eg. ‘59 ZC1’ (An unlikely combination – Ed!).


Points will be awarded for each station contacted, based on the equipment THE STATION YOU CONTACT uses. Use the following extensions when calling, and claim the points for each station worked:

    /V = Vintage (3 points)
    /H = Hybrid (2 points)
    /M = Modern (1 point)
    /S = SDR (2 points)
    /W = Homebrew (2 points)
    /Q = QRP (3 points)

    Working ZL6H: 5 points


    Suggested QRP calling frequency: 3750
    Suggested QRO calling frequency: 3850


Points awarded will be the same as for transmitting stations, i.e. determined by the type of transmitter the station you hear is using.

SWL Categories:

Use the appropriate multiplier for your style of receiver. Remote receivers please use Modern category.

    Vintage: All tube line up in receive path. Multiplier 2.0
    Modern: Any solid state receiver. Multiplier 1.0
    SDR: software defined receivers e.g. Soft Rock, SDR play, etc. Multiplier 1.5

Please send logs to Rob Carter, ZL2IW with a summary of your equipment used and category you wish to be in. There will be a nice certificate for the winner in each category.